Review: Proactiv Skincare – Deluxe pack

I have been using the Proactiv skincare range (Deluxe pack) since mid-January this year. So that makes it about 4 months now. I had been considering this skincare brand for a long while though I have been put off by all the reviews saying that the range is very abrasive and harsh. After going through many different skincare systems and going to several GPs and a Dermatologist (which costs so much… both the service and prescriptions), I decided to give Proactiv a try. I looked around online for a while and almost bought a set from their website. However, I ended up buying the Deluxe pack from their stand at Melbourne Central since I wanted to get the most out of the product – you know, when to use what, which pack I should get for my skin type, etc.

My Proactiv Products

My Proactiv Products

The lady at the Melbourne Central Proactiv counter suggested that I use the Proactiv Deluxe pack along with the Green Tea Moisturiser. She also suggested a regimen/routine that was tailored for me which I thought was great! (I didn’t see this information on the website)

The downside was that this turned out to be a lot more pricier than I thought (the kit contains more product than the one you can buy online… though the price/mL is still lower online) and unlike buying online, there were no bonuses. I’ve been thinking if I’d gotten ripped off haha. Though in my opinion, the extra money was worth the instructions and I can always buy the stuff online next time.

Do I love it? Hate it?

I love it! My skin has been pretty much clear except for one or two breakouts which healed nicer and faster than ever before. The kit also lasted me longer than the 3 months that it suggested for some reason… I’m pretty sure I didn’t use less product or anything. The toner was the first to run out about 2-3 weeks ago. I still have yet to run out of anything else though I suspect the next thing that will go would either be the deep cleanser or the green tea moisturiser.

Though this solution is a lot cheaper than those suggested by doctors, I’m still not very happy with the price. I feel like there should be dupes or cheaper ways to do this. The lady at the counter said that the only things that are “medicated” were the cleansers and the “repair” lotion. I am looking for dupes and alternatives for the rest. I have been trying out a DIY toner to replace my Proactiv toner and I will share with you about it in the next couple of days.

Do let me know if you know any dupes or alternatives to any of the products! I would be forever thankful.

I guess that would be all for today’s post and wishing you a great week!

Lots of Smiles,


P.S. All opinions are my own, I bought the products mentioned on my own and none were sponsored.

33 thoughts on “Review: Proactiv Skincare – Deluxe pack

    • Awww.. Try alternating the 2 cleansers or even alternating with a gentler cleanser and space out step 3 (Repair) every couple/few days and only use where the acne are? That’s what the lady told me and I have combination to oily, acne prone skin. It makes sense since the cleansers and the repair lotion are the ones that contain medications.

  1. I saw this a long, long time ago but never had the chance to try it. My skin reacts to meds easily so I always need to consult a doctor for any skin problem. My skin is better now, though, so I’m slowly able to try products other than what’s prescribed. I just stop them immediately when I react adversely to it. Glad it works for you πŸ™‚

    • Awww… The stuff prescribed by my doctors were not helping 😦 But glad that it does for you! Definitely safer – but I know that it kinda got “boring” for me haha using “weird” prescription stuff on my face.

  2. I really want this for my husband but the price is the only thing stopping me buying them huhuhu. I’m looking for dupes too! Pls share when u found one!

    • It’s not actually that much. Only 3 or 4 products at a time. 1 cleanser, 1 toner 1 moisturiser and a repair lotion that you’d put on your acne-prone areas… I am lazy and always on the go myself and I seem to have managed this! If you do have a bad case of acne prone-ness (lol is that a word?) then I think you should give it a go! πŸ™‚

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