I’m back on INSTAGRAM!


So if you know me before Sprinkle O’Rainbow, you would have known that I used to have an Instagram account and I used to post pretty frequently. Those that read my first post on this blog would also know that I LOVE photography! (If you didn’t know, I have a photography blog called Precious.S2 Photography)

Anyway, I just would like to announce that I am BACK on Instagram! Please follow me! Username: SITACAR.

Hope you’re having a good time!


Lots of Smiles,


A Precious.S2 Photography and Rose Gold Whimsy Collaboration

As some of you may know, I also post my photography on another blog called Precious.S2 Photography. Recently, my highschool friend Cindy and I decided to do a collaboration since we both own a blog. I take the photos, she becomes my model.

It was a fine sunny afternoon and I have to thank her and lil sis for making this shoot happen.


If you’re wondering why I posted this here and seem like it has nothing to do with this blog, well it has everything to do with this blog. I value friendship and photography and both of this are present in this collaboration. I said that this blog was going to publish things that makes me happy. So here it is! Photography and Friendship!

Don’t hesitate to go over to Precious.S2 Photography to find out more about the collaboration!

Lots of Smiles,