DIY Toner for Acne Prone Skin – Dupe for Proactiv Toner?

So I mentioned in my last post that I am using a DIY toner to replace my Proactiv toner. I was inspried by an older video by SecretLifeOfABionerd (a.k.a. K.L.) on Youtube about this easy and extremely cheap DIY toner.

Ingridients: Aspirin + Witch Hazel.

The ingridients are easy to find at my local supermarket – Witch Hazel and Aspirin. Though the prices here in Australia is CRAZY compared to the U.S. prices mentioned by K.L. in her video. I bought a bottle of Witch Hazel for about AUD$6.67 and a box of Aspirin for AUD$4.49. I wasn’t sure if the generic supermarket brand (which only costs AUD$0.95 for the same amount) will dissolve well. Maybe next time I will venture out and try it and I will update you on that.

My bottle of Toner.

My bottle of Toner.

Since the aspirin here looks way different to that shown by K.L. in her video, I had to make an “educated guess” as to how much aspirin/witch hazel to mix to  make my toner. I don’t think exact measurements would matter here, but correct me if I’m wrong.

What I did was I snapped 5 of the aspirin tablets into quarter pieces or smaller and chucked it into the squeezy bottle I had laying around (cleaned in boiling water to sanitise). I then filled it up (slowly, since the aspirin I bought fizzes) with Witch Hazel until the bottle is about 7/8 full.

I have been using this toner for about 3 weeks now and I don’t see much difference with my skin compared to when I was using the Proactiv toner. Yay for me? This DIY version not only costed me only a fraction of what Proactiv costed me but I don’t notice much of a difference in their results.

The only downside was the scent. I intend to add a few drops of Lavender oil into my next batch of Toner and hopefully that will be a successful experiment. Again, I will do another blog post updating you on this.

Here is K.L.’s Video:

Thank you for joining me in this journey of clearer, better skin!

Lots of Smiles,


I’m back on INSTAGRAM!


So if you know me before Sprinkle O’Rainbow, you would have known that I used to have an Instagram account and I used to post pretty frequently. Those that read my first post on this blog would also know that I LOVE photography! (If you didn’t know, I have a photography blog called Precious.S2 Photography)

Anyway, I just would like to announce that I am BACK on Instagram! Please follow me! Username: SITACAR.

Hope you’re having a good time!


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Happy Thought: @disneywords

Good morning from the land down under!

I’ve been following “Disney Words” or @disneywords for a while now on twitter. They post random quotes from Disney movies, books, etc. I love it! I love Disney, I love Quotes so what more can I ever want?

Although I am no longer a child or a teen, I am not ashamed to say that I love Disney and I will forever love Disney. The quotes they post makes me realise why Disney is so wonderful for all audiences. The little kids will get the light childish humor and the cute cartoon characters. The older audiences will realise that there’s so much more meaning to Disney movies than what we got from when we were kids. No wonder all the Disney classics are still being re-played here in Australia a good 50 years after their first release. They are just that good.

Disney Words on Twitter

Disney Words on Twitter

The feeling I get from reading quotes from @disneywords on my Android Twitter app is difficult to explain. Though I’ll tell you this, I always look forward to more quotes from them!

Here are a few of my favourite tweets:

So if you love Disney and you have a twitter account and you want to read Disney quotes, this Twitter is a must to follow.

What’s your favourite Disney quote?

Lots of Smiles,


P.S. I am not affiliated with Disney Words and gain nothing but pleasure from writing this post.